A Wheel of Chiayi’s Tasty Legacy Since 1951

Fu Yi Shan, founded in 1951, is the most historic biscuit manufacturer in Chia-yi. From its inception until now, Fu Yi Shan has been creating a wide variety of delicious and popular snacks that have been a part of our lives for over the past 70 years.

We pay close attention to the quality of ingredients used in all of our products, and take responsibility of the food safety for customers very seriously. The most important thing for us is to ensure our customers receive a tasty, healthy and good quality product. Therefore, Fu Yi Shan uses traditional methods to make all of our products. For certain items such as egg rolls, we insist they are produced by hand. On account of these reasons, we have implemented a purchasing limitation policy. As well, it affects the time period for the customers receiving their online orders.

We wish to sincerely thank our customers for understanding how much effort is made by Fu Yi Shan to maintain both quality and taste. They show us their support by placing orders continuously and waiting patiently for their favorite products. We will strive to uphold our 3 insistences-Fresh, Quality and Simple for another sixty years.