Original Taste, Fresh Ingredients

The best-selling fine food products change frequently in the Taiwanese market. However, the long line of customers in front of FuYishan stores has remained constant over the years. Delicious flavor is one of the reasons, but the continuous and stable re-ordering results from two crucial factors : good quality ingredients and fewer additives.

For the past 60 years, FuYishan has held the simplest and honest attitude towards running our business. Instead of focusing on gorgeous packaging and fancy advertising strategies, we pay a lot of attention when selecting superior ingredients and discard modified starch and hydrogenated oil. We do our best to minimize chemical additives, and do not add any preservatives to our products. What we do is not only for the delicious taste but also for the food safety of the customers

Affordable Price

Our reasonable retail price is another insistence we have held from the beginning until now. For this reason, FuYiShan does its best to keep the cost down by adopting the strategies of marketing our own products, striving to simplify packaging and saving the cost from advertising and sales channels. Following the results, we will be able to pay it back to our customers with reasonable retail prices.

Focus On The Future

Running a biscuits business should always be stable and smooth. That’s why we aren’t interested in being the biggest, just but the best. This belief will lead us forward for another 60 years.