PN: 502044

Kumquat Flavoured Crackers

Rich tangerine scent with concentrated jujube flavor.

Package : 312g (12 sachets/gift box)
Shelf life : 4 months
Type of diet :  Lacto Vegetarian

The "Top Seller Crackers " are our signature products.
The thin, crisp and fragrant crackers will seduce you.
Our secret is the long fermentation period that slowly infuses the natural flavors of the ingredients.
After baking, the heat will enhance the wheat aroma.
One by one, you will gobble up these delicious crackers!
Kumquat sauce is made with fresh golden dates and kumquats
The fruit is picked fresh for use
in the crackers to ensure the quality
and flavor of the sauce.
Fresh citrus fragrance, with a slightly sweet fruit flavor.
No added artificial flavors, pigments or preservatives
Seasonaly-limited products. Don't miss them!