PN: 502017

Pepper Crackers

The king of the crackers!!
Special pepper, absolutely fresh and delicious.

Package : 530g (20 sachets/gift box)
Shelf life : 45 days
Type of diet :  
Five forbidden strong-smelling vegetable elements 

The "Top Seller Crackers " are our signature products.
The thin, crisp and fragrant crackers will seduce you.
Our secret is the long fermentation period that slowly infuses the natural flavors of the ingredients.
After baking, the heat will enhance the wheat aroma.
One by one, you will gobble up these delicious crackers!
The pepper cracker that achieves king-level star merchandise. 
The pepper is carefully selected with several spices, ground into powder, then lightly sprinkled on golden crispy soda crackers.
Full of peppery comfort with a hint of salty aroma.
Absolute freshness will tease your taste buds.
So delicious, you can't stop tasting them!