PN: 507067

Black Sesame Crackers

Best selling export!
Contains 20% high quality sesame seeds.

Package : 320g 
Shelf life : 12 months
Type of diet :  Lacto Vegetarian
The “Classic Cookies” are the earliest developed products.
The complex processes and natural additives give you a simple, yet healthy flavor.

The crispy, but not hard texture further enhances the taste after the cookies are baked.
A top-seller in the export market – Black Sesame Crackers.
In addition to the aroma from sesame powder in the dough,the cracker includes 20% high-quality black sesame seeds, covering the whole cracker.
Evenly baked in a tunnel oven, the natural and rich sesame aroma is fully released.
Uniquely crispy, with no excessive seasoning, in order to highlight the natural ingredients.
A delicate fragrance is released as you chew.