PN: 501012

Handmade Egg Rolls - Mixed

Satisfaction after your first try!
Sesame, original, coffee, yogurt, chocolate milk.

Package : 490g (5 sachets/gift box)
Shelf life : 6 months
Type of diet : 
Meat Diet (Sesame, coffee, yogurt)
Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian (original, cocolate milk)

With our traditional hand-made methods and high quality ingredients, our egg rolls are transformed into flavorful snack sensations and brimming with happiness.
There are three kinds of egg rolls gift boxes for your choices.
This gift box contains 5 flavors : sesame, original, coffee, yogurt, chocolate milkSample all of the signature Fuyishan egg rolls.
Satisfy your craving for egg rolls at once!
Your best choice of food for gifts and rewards!!